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Get the on-demand webinars for all

11 dwarf planets,

plus 4 live Q&As
for one low membership!

We are starting a new Community Program for those who want to explore these new aspects of consciousness, but don’t want to commit to assignments and in-depth study.

Our 6 week courses are designed to on-board these new consciousness energies by studying their action in our personal chart. The Uni work is rigorous and the more you participate in the assignments, the live Q&As, and through the feedback on the blog, the more you learn.

But we are not all in a position to jump into the courses and make that time commitmen
t, so we have a new community option:



  • Maybe you have an interest in the dwarf planets, but simply don't have the time or finances for the in-depth study.

  • Or maybe you are interested in the courses and would like to check them out before you jump into your first one.

  • Or perhaps you are the sort of person who doesn't like the participatory element of the courses and would prefer to learn from on-demand webinars.


As a community participant you will get a copy of your chart including the dwarfs, and also get access to all 11 on-demand webinars which introduce each dwarf planet. These include the house interpretations, so you can look up your personal house placement. The house placement is where we see these outer planets manifesting most clearly in our lives. 

You will also have the opportunity to participate in four Zoom gatherings throughout the year where the founder of the Dwarf Planet Uni, Alan Clay, will talk about the current dwarf transits, answer questions and look at example charts.

These Q&As will be held on Fridays at 9pm GMT:

9th February

26th April

19th July

11th October

9pm in London, 10pm in Europe, 1pm in LA, 4pm in Toronto, 8am on Saturday in Sydney and 10am on Saturday in Auckland.

These Zooms will be recorded if you can't attend live.

Community membership costs just NZ$90 (about US$57, EU54) for the full year! This is a bargain when you consider that the introductory videos on each planet are at least $40 each in value, so you are getting $440 of value for your NZ$90 membership. On top of that you get the Zoom Q&As and the opportunity to be part of a community with like-minded interests.

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