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Saturday Oct 8 to Nov 19

2022 (6 weeks)


3 instructional webinars
3 personal chart assignments
and 4 live Zoom Q&A's at 9pm (GMT)

10pm in London, 11pm in Europe, 2pm in LA, 5pm in Toronto, 8am on Sunday in Sydney and 10am on Sunday in Auckland.

Learn to feel alive with spirit and in touch with the magic of being

This course will explore Haumea in your personal chart and the charts of the other class members. We'll look at the house placement and the aspects and research our transits as we understand how to feel alive with spirit and in touch with the magic of being.

We can think of Haumea as being like the other side of Pluto's  transformation, as the new that is reborn from the old, only Haumea doesn't need to destroy to create, she births the new from a reinvigoration of heritage.

Where she is placed in our chart she indicates our ability to reinvigorate our lives, to draw from our heritage and strengthen our connection with the magic of each moment and so bring forth a new self to meet these new moments in our lives.

Price Buster - by Aug 15th: NZ$120 (about US$80) - Earlybird - by Sept 15th: NZ$150 (about US$100) - Full Course Fee: NZ$180 (about US$120)

In the spring of last year, I did the online Dwarf Planet training with Alan Clay.  As a group, we were able to look at our own and the others’ charts and to talk about how we experienced these energies. It helped to be able to explore the meanings and how we each felt they worked in our own charts and lives. Mention of these planets is made in more and more places by different astrologers and they are so relevant to the current times.  Alexandra Wax, UK

Course Format

This course mixes webinars, blog-posted assignments and live Zoom Q&As, timed so you can attend from anywhere in the world.

We start with a live Welcome Q&A and we will explore Haumea's House position in the first fortnight, her aspects in the second fortnight and transits in the third. Each fortnight will include an instructional webinar, an investigative assignment based on your personal chart and a live 2 hour Zoom Q&A session.


Assignments will be posted on a private forum so we can learn from and comment on posts from our fellow course members. And the Q&A sessions will be recorded so you can pick up classes you miss. 

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