The Blessing of Ixion

Two hours a week for three weeks using Zoom Video Meetings.

Saturday Jan 9, 16 & 23 

at 9pm (GMT)


9pm in London, 10pm in Europe, 1pm in LA, 4pm in Toronto, 8am on Sunday in Sydney & 10am on Sunday in Auckland. 

This course will explore Ixion in your personal chart and the charts of the other class members. We'll look at the house placement and the aspects and research our transits as we understand how to 'follow our bliss'.

Ixion represents a passionate lawless energy which, when positively placed, indicates an ability to bend the rules to get things done, and to learn from experience. And when negatively placed he encourages us to try and get what we want without regard for others, or for norms, and to waste any second chances we may receive.

  • At the unconscious level the myth suggests the action of this dwarf planet will involve broken promises and retribution leading to an outcast, outlaw status. And there is the danger that second chances will be wasted through the arousal of base passions.

  • Once we’re on the spiritual path however, Ixion represents a passionate spiritual mission, which may involve a violation of existing customs and a resulting catharsis, followed by opportunities for a second chance.

  • And at the spiritually evolved level he offers us the opportunity to define our own rules and live life on our own terms, while respecting the implicit agreements in our relationships and transmuting our base emotions.

The course will be live, run through Zoom Video Meetings for two hours a week, so you can attend from anywhere in the world. The sessions will be recorded so you can pick up classes you miss live, however the course is interactive so you will get the most out of it by attending live. Because of the interactive nature of the class, the class size is limited to 12.

Price Buster - by Dec 20: NZ$70 (about US$42).  Earlybird - by Dec 31: NZ$90 (about US$55) - Full Course Fee: NZ$120 (about US$73)

If you have particular questions or feedback, or you wish to share personal research email:

alan (at)

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