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Sedna Consciousness 

The Soul's Path of Destiny


Check out reviews from the flagship astrology magazines of Alan Clay's widely acclaimed reference book on Sedna, 'Sedna Consciousness, the Soul's Path of Destiny'. Get the paperback or the Kindle Edition to read on your phone or computer.



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Dwarf planet University

Ongoing Courses

6-week Online Courses

with Alan Clay 

The mission of the Dwarf Planet University is to popularise the understanding and use of the dwarf planets within the astrological community. Join our affordable

online classes.



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Dwarf Planet University

Ongoing Courses

led by Alan Clay

Ten interactive online classes exploring how the new dwarf planets extend traditional astrology into a richer and more spiritual perspective on your personal chart. We explore the Houses, Aspects and Transits of each of the dwarf planets in your chart.




Check out the new Makemake 101 Online Course at the Dwarf Planet University.


•Devine trickster

•narrow focus

•extreme talent

•Serving one's Family, Tribe, Nation 


•seeing everything in relation to something in particular, 

•obsessional devotion

•refusal to consider the independent value of what is beyond one's own narrow focus

•strong caring ability  Godwin Cooke on Zane Stein's site

•Articulate and ultra-communicative. Self-assuredness, especially by verbal means. Clever, quick-witted and interested in invoking insight and inspiration with speech. Quick to report findings, regardless of impact. Philip Sedgwick

•Courageous, possessing the wilfulness to confront the peril required for discovery or spiritual evolution. Conscious of family security and safety. Protection of the brood. Philip Sedgwick

•The more negative side of Makemake is being reckless and self-serving, being verbally manipulative, engaging in double talk and diversion of facts, and taking flight to avoid consequence or hiding as a coping skill. Philip Sedgwick

Here's a link to the Swiss Ephemeris for Makemake so you can find it in your own chart.

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