•Orcus represents to plumb the depths, to see and think deeply. To see Truths that are hidden, simply because human beings cannot think outside of the box, outside of the categories that are given to them. 

•Orcus is also the planet of Curiosity a burning Curiosity to understand, to learn. Not usually for the sake of practical use, but for the sake of learning itself.

•Orcus represents the search for Truth itself, to go beyond the limits and to discover what is beyond them. This makes it a lot like Neptune, however it is also the opposite of Neptune, because it is ultimately a planet of cold Reason, not Poetry and Mysticism.

•Intellectual independence, (unwillingness to regard uncritically the truths of established authority)

•Challenging established thought 

•resulting sense of intellectual persecution

Godwin Cooke/Zane Stein


Positive: a person of one’s word, challenges broken promises, aligned with a spiritual creed, accountable for personal thought, word and deed

Negative: hypocritical, fault finding in the ways of others, blame assigning, ducks responsibility for word and actions, unable to keep promises

Philip Sedgwick

Here's a link to the Swiss Ephemeris for Orcus so you can find it in your own chart.

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