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The Astrology of Haumea

This is the first of a series of textbooks on the astrology of the new dwarf planets, based on the research at the Dwarf Planet University.

Probably the most valuable section is the house interpretations, looking at how Haumea manifests in our daily lives with example case studies.

There is also a workbook to locate and on-board this new energy in your chart. And a section introducing each of the dwarf planets to put Haumea in context.

Click the book image to find it on Amazon


Chiron square Ceres

I hope you are enjoying today's Sun sextile Saturn. With this transit it should all be going to plan. In this spirit, I encourage you to read to the bottom of this newsletter to find out about the free Zoom talk that I'm doing next weekend on Salacia, our Higher-Love Consciousness.

Mercury is also conjunct Chiron today, with both square Ceres. Chiron is a mediating energy between the physical world and our intuitive understanding. When Chiron is working well, we grow through that mediation, and when Chiron is struggling, we see the wounding and healing side of the centaur.

Rather than an esoteric outer planet energy like the other dwarfs, Ceres is an inner dwarf planet, part of our world like her neighbours, Venus and Mars. This is echoed in her myth, where she was the only goddess who chose to live in the world of people, rather than in heaven.

So the Chiron square to Ceres might be expressed as a need to nurture ourselves and our growth. To find a place for our divine nature in the material experience in which we find ourselves.

Ceres is about the give and take of love that keeps us alive, and so we might also be feeling that we are giving too much and not getting enough back. Or we might also be feeling a lack of love. Ceres process is to withdraw to heal, and then to reengage, so we might also be in a withdrawal-to-heal phase with the current square.

However, in myth Ceres has the power to make us divine, so we might also find that we are being challenged to grow and embrace a more divine perspective on ourselves this week. If we do, we are likely to find the biggest challenge when we resist the process, so surrendering is the wise choice.

Ceres has been miss-understood as an asteroid for 200 years. The asteroids are small pieces of rock, where Ceres is a planet. She is actually a planetary embryo, the only one left from the start of the solar system. All the others have collided together and formed the other planets, so Ceres is the only one who hasn't collided, ever. That tells us something about her energy.

We wound when we collide with the world, and then we heal back, hopefully better than before. So with the current Chiron square to Ceres we might be able to avoid the collisions before they happen, so we don't we get wounded. And we might find that tomorrow's New Moon enables a fresh start or allows us to turn a corner in some way.

Graduate Ceres Project

We dropped our Ceres course last year when we brought in Salacia, because we can only run ten courses in our normal time slot, and I can only teach so many. But now my assistant, Melissa, is stepping into the teacher role to run this new course, supported by a group of graduates who want the opportunity to study Ceres. 

While the course is called the Graduate Ceres Project, it is open to everyone. It comes out of our Graduete Gathering, which is a gathering every 8 weeks, of students who have finished 8 courses at the Uni, and we look at the current transits in one another's charts.

In the gathering, Melissa has been championing Ceres inclusion back into our curriculum, because her exclusion just buy's into the misunderstood and ignored way Ceres has been treated since her discovery. While I am not facilitating, the course does include my on-demand webinars on Ceres' meaning in the houses, and my aspect and transit case studies, so you still get my insightful wisdom.

The core of graduates on the course will also give a strong support to newcomers, because they are practised at the process of assignments and Zoom Q&As that we use on the courses, and you can learn by example. We also create a supportive community environment, so there is no competition and everyone values everyone else's contributions. You can always ask for help if you need it.

So, while Ceres is an inner planet, we create a safe space with Erisian diversity consciousness where Ceres can flower in her many facets. So the course is open to everyone, whether you are a newcomer, someone who has done one or two, or a graduate. And it is very attractively priced at our normal scholarship rate to encourage your participation.

Free Zoom: New Stars for a New Era 

Those in Sydney can catch me live this weekend for the first time in 4 years, when I'll be talking to the Astrology Association of NSW. The talk will introduce all 10 new aspects of consciousness and then focus on Haumea, our new goddess of Unity Consciousness. As an added attraction, I will have cost-price copies of the book available to celebrate the live event.

Then, the following weekend, everyone, everywhere will have a chance to participate, as I'll be doing a free Zoom talk through NCGR. Again I'll be introducing all 10 new planets, and this time focussing on Salacia, our new goddess of Higher-Love Consciousness. All you need to do is to let me know your email in a comment, to get the link to participate.

Join us if you can on the Ceres Project, or the Salacia Zoom, and thanks for your work embracing these new aspects of consciousness. 

Love and laughter


"As one returning to astrological study after decades away, I find Alan’s instruction fun and informative, and the classroom format a gift of shared learning for everyone participating. Alan has created a safe and supportive space where anyone, at any level of knowledge, can thrive and shine. His obvious love of this work illuminates its presentation. I echo the comments of others, “Best astrology classes ever!” - Nalini MacNab, USA 

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May 09

I would love to learn more about Salcia - email: Thank you for your pioneering work Alan - It brings much joy to my life - and so much understanding of who I am and which life lessons I have chosen this time around 🌺


Please share the Zoom link with me.

With much gratitude 🙏


Thank you for an interesting post. I would love to join the free zoom. My email is looking forward ‘ thank you.


I would like the link for the NCGR zoom, don't know the anticipated time though???

Thanks Alan


Wow, reading about Ceres made me really cry ….I will reflect deeply as to absorb this message and will circle back as to the colliding..

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