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The Dwarf Planet University offers a Dwarf Planet Astrology Diploma on the completion of any eight of the ten courses on offer. For those pursuing the diploma we offer a 4 course pre-buy bundle which gives you each course at the scholarship rate, or one third of the normal price. 


You don't need to specify all your courses when you purchase the bundle, but if you do, bear in mind that there are two streams of courses at the Uni and you are welcome to choose courses from either stream, but we don't recommend doing two at the same time, because the course work involves reflecting on your life in relation to each planet's house position, aspects and transits.


The bundle can be used for any of the eleven courses offered by the university over a two year period from time of purchase. Two bundles obviously give you the best value diploma.


Standard Bundle price: NZ$540 (about US$333)

Full 4 course price NZ$1080 (about US$666)


4 Course Scholarship Bundle

$1,080.00 Regular Price
$360.00Sale Price