Friday Nov 13, 20, 27, & Dec 4 & 11, at 9pm (GMT)
9pm in London, 10pm in Europe, 1pm in LA, 4pm in Toronto,

8am on Saturday in Sydney & 10am on Saturday in Auckland. 

Two hours a week for four weeks using Zoom Video Meetings

Three new planets, plus one upgraded, one downgraded and five candidates, to compliment the nine that we’re already using. This class will look at our busy new solar system and how the new dwarf planets extend traditional astrology into a richer and more spiritual perspective on the chart.


We'll do this by studying these new energies in our personal charts. We’ll look first at Ceres (nurturing), then at Pluto (transformation), followed by: Ixion (lawlessness), Orcus (speaking out), Haumea (rebirth), Makemake (devotion), Quaoar (new perspectives), Varuna (notability), Eris (consciousness through discord), and finally at Sedna (spiritual destiny through transcendent crises).


Because of the stresses on everyone's finances at this time I'm offering 6 scholarships which cover half of the course fees, giving you the whole 5 week course for only NZ$55 (about US$33).


Price Buster - by Aug 30th: NZ$110 (about US$65) -  Earlybird Fee - by Sept 30th: NZ$150 (about US$89) - Full fee: NZ$190 (about US$113)

Dwarf Planet Astrology Scholarship

$190.00 Regular Price
$75.00Sale Price
  • All prices are in New Zealand dollars.

If you have particular questions or feedback, or you wish to share personal research email:

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