Saturday, August 14 to September 25, at 9pm GMT

10pm in London, 11pm in Europe, 2pm in LA, 5pm in Toronto, 7am on Sunday in Sydney and 9am on Sunday in Auckland.

Two hours a week for four weeks using Zoom Video Meetings

Sedna at the highest level is spiritual destiny, but we often have to work through a lot of stuff to get to our spiritual destiny. In this class we will find the Sedna placement in our charts and understand the area of life in which it plays out and the challenges and abilities represented by the aspects. We'll also look at transits to Sedna to understand the events in our lives from a deeper and more spiritual perspective and also get a hint of the spiritual road ahead. 


Course Format:

This course has a new longer format which mixes webinars, blog-posted assignments and live Zoom Q&As, so you can attend from anywhere in the world.


We start with a live Welcome Q&A and we will explore Ixion's House position in the first fortnight, his aspects in the second fortnight and transits in the third. Each fortnight will include an instructional webinar, an investigative assignment based on your personal chart and a live 2 hour Zoom Q&A session.


Assignments will be posted on a private forum so we can learn from and comment on posts from our fellow course members. And the Q&A sessions will be recorded so you can pick up classes you miss. 

Price Buster - by June 15: NZ$120 (about US$80) - Earlybird - by July 15: NZ$150 (about US$100) - Full Course Fee: NZ$180 (about US$120)

Sedna Consciousness Online Course - Aug 15 to Sept 25 (6wks) at 9pm GMT

$180.00 Regular Price
$120.00Sale Price
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  • All prices are in New Zealand dollars.

The Dwarf Planet University is founded by New Zealand astrologer, Alan Clay. 


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