Are you ready to take your stuff to the next level, but are unsure exactly how to do that? These days many of us are charting our own spiritual path, and we go through periods where we may be unsure how best to both serve and also maximise our growth. If you seek guidance and direction on how best to use who you are and what you have to further us all, this mentorship service is the answer to help bring some astrological perspective to your ongoing life choices.

The first session is more expensive because of the preparatory work involved. Once you book you will then get a chance to answer some questions on your work, your future plans, your spiritual mission, your satisfactions, challenges, frustrations and desires and any particular questions you may have. When Alan gets this material he’ll have a look at your transits and progressions and he will make a time to meet in a private Zoom session, or through a Skype call.


NZ$180 (about US$120)

Astrological Life-Coaching - Initial Consultation - One Hour

  • All prices in New Zealand dollars.

If you have particular questions or feedback, or you wish to share personal research email:

alan (at)

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