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Saturday Sept 9 to October 21, 2023

(6 weeks)


3 instructional webinars
3 personal chart assignments
and 4 live Zoom Q&A's at 9pm (GMT)

10pm in London, 11pm in Europe, 2pm in LA, 5pm in Toronto, 7am on Sunday in Sydney and 9am on Sunday in Auckland.

I thoroughly enjoyed Alan's Sedna Consciousness course. It was packed with fascinating information and learning, including rich examples of historical and cultural events and people to illustrate Sedna's effects and energies. Given I was born with Sedna exactly conjunct my Sun, the class gave me very helpful insight into my own journey as well as information on interpreting Sedna for others. And Alan's masterful teaching showed his great depth, humor, and compassionate insight. I highly recommend him as an astrological and spiritual guide. 

Beth Bolwerk, USA

This course offers a deep dive into the meaning of Sedna in your personal chart.

  • Understand the area of your personal life where your soul's path of destiny is focussed.

  • Study the abilities and challenges involved in your spiritual mission, through a look at the aspects to your Sedna, and at case studies of people with similar aspects. 

  • And research transits to your natal Sedna and transits of Sedna to other natal planets, to understand the events in your life from a deeper and more spiritual perspective and also get a hint of the spiritual road ahead. ​


I see Sedna at the highest level as being spiritual destiny, but we often have to work through a lot of stuff to get to our spiritual destiny. This course looks at this journey in a supportive group setting.

Course Format:

This course mixes webinars, blog-posted assignments and live Zoom Q&As, so you can attend from anywhere in the world.


We start with a live Welcome Q&A and we will explore Sedna's House position in the first fortnight, her aspects in the second fortnight and transits in the third. Each fortnight will include an instructional webinar, an investigative assignment based on your personal chart and a live 2 hour Zoom Q&A session.


Assignments will be posted on a private forum so we can learn from and comment on posts from our fellow course members. And the Q&A sessions will be recorded so you can pick up classes you miss. 

Alan is a thoughtful guide. He gives attention to individual student's needs and insures that no one is left without notice. The information he provides is more than useful, especially on the topic of Sedna. I enjoyed his course and so will you.  

Vivian Carol, USA

Price Buster - by Aug 1: NZ$180 (about US$120) - Earlybird - by Sept 1: NZ$225 (about US$150) - Full Course Fee: NZ$270 (about US$180)

Learning about the Dwarf Planets and Sedna with Alan has been a big part of my Awakening. Chris Martin, AUS

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