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The International Academy of Astrology is proud to present Breaking Down the Borders 5 — a celebration of 10 years of live major conferencing online.

The Breaking Down the Borders 5 Astrology Conference involves 48 speakers from all over the world, live over 3 days from 6-8 November 2020. It consists of a total of 61 lectures which will be streamed live through standard webinar facilities. Thirteen of them are simulcasts of live events being held in venues around the world.

Alan Clay will speak on the 6th of November on his new research:


The Blessing of Ixion: Pluto's new lawless brother

"Ixion and Pluto both orbit at an angle to the ecliptic in relation to all the other planets, spending half their time in the underworld. And the myth of Ixion tells us that this new dwarf planet energy in our chart knows no boundaries and is passionately focused on his own lawless goals. Why we need this energy now in our lives."

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