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Sedna Consciousness 

The Soul's Path of Destiny


Check out reviews from the flagship astrology magazines of Alan Clay's widely acclaimed reference book on Sedna, 'Sedna Consciousness, the Soul's Path of Destiny'. Get the paperback or the Kindle Edition to read on your phone or computer.



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Dwarf Planet

6-week Online Courses

The mission of the Dwarf Planet University is to popularise the understanding and use of the dwarf planets within the astrological community. Join our affordable

online classes 



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Dwarf Planet University

Ongoing Courses

led by Alan Clay

Ten interactive online classes exploring how the new dwarf planets extend traditional astrology into a richer and more spiritual perspective on your personal chart. We explore the Houses, Aspects and Transits of each of the dwarf planets in your chart.




New in 2021 Alan Clay will be teaching a six week

live Zoom Diploma course on Ceres.

Ceres can be used to define an optimal environment for maintaining or restoring health. We can see her connection to the environment from her position in the solar system. Ceres orbits between Mars and Jupiter and has a cycle of about four to five years. Mars and his sign, Aries, are associated with the first signs of spring. The glyphs show a breaking through or an initial sprouting of a seed. Jupiter is a planet associated with growth. Ceres operating between these two planets suggests ‘soil’. She is an earth goddess, after all! Plants need a good environment in which to grow.  Faye Blake


•Ceres is the planet of abundance and famine. Wherever she appears in our charts, she shows how best we feel nurtured. This is also where we can easily provide love and comfort. 


•Ceres also shows how well we go with the flow… the universal one, that is. This is the unification of both giving and receiving through ourselves as an exchange of energy.

•She represents spiritual starvation &/or a sense of peace and beauty in the truth of the physical world that surrounds us. She is about a change in the balance of power.

•In mythology, Ceres was the goddess of plenty – the bearer of fruits and grain that nourished the world. But on the dark side, her grief over her lost daughter caused her to roam throughout the world, ignoring the crops and causing devastation and famine everywhere she went. Lynn Hayes

•Difficult aspects to Ceres show challenges to our ability to feel safe in our bodily incarnation and denote areas where we need to make a more direct effort to honor the rhythms of nature and to feed and nourish ourselves. Lynn Hayes

•We also associate this planet with loss, compromise, rage and grief, so unfortunately, along with the abundance, Ceres will also deliver some pretty dramatic episodes when we must give up, and give in – triggering deep emotion.

Here's a link to the Swiss Ephemeris for Ceres so you can find it in your own chart.

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