•Haumea is a Polynesian creation god. According to most accounts, she mated with the god Kane Milohai and gave birth to many children, including Hawaii's most famous goddess, the fire goddess Pele. Thus, she is often referred to as the mother of the Hawaiian people as well as the Great Earth Mother, and was the patron goddess of that island.  Zane Stein

•Haumea is a focus point through which spiritual birth or rebirth can be accessed and experienced. Haumea brings a greater spiritual awareness and attunement. She opens doors within us. Linda Lee Berry

•The keyword is enchantment. When positive, the degree is a consistent simplicity of character which enables anyone to maintain his touch with a transcendental magic of being, and when negative, a constant and idle daydreaming." PlanetWaves

•When mixed with other strong energies, Haumea seems to become a reformer of those energies or perhaps to be giving birth to those energies in a new form Linda Lee Berry


•Searching for spiritual answers, 

•Mystical Awareness

•Earnest, vivid and alive with spirit

•A sense of the unseen, a type of knowing


•Overcoming a Fear

•Trying new adaptive strategies

•Freedom as the highest principle

•Profound Idealism

•Passionate belief in humanising and social function of Art

•divinity of human beings

•oneness of existence

•Spiritual wealth

•The ability to extract the true essence of life from the dross of the world

Francesco Schiavinotto on Zane Stein’s site

Here's a link to the Swiss Ephemeris for Haumea so you can find it in your own chart.

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