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Sedna Consciousness 

The Soul's Path of Destiny


Check out reviews from the flagship astrology magazines of Alan Clay's widely acclaimed reference book on Sedna, 'Sedna Consciousness, the Soul's Path of Destiny'. Get the paperback or the Kindle Edition to read on your phone or computer.



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Dwarf Planet University

Ongoing Courses

6-week Online Courses

with Alan Clay 

The mission of the Dwarf Planet University is to popularise the understanding and use of the dwarf planets within the astrological community. Join our affordable

online classes.



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Dwarf Planet University

Ongoing Courses

led by Alan Clay

Ten interactive online classes exploring how the new dwarf planets extend traditional astrology into a richer and more spiritual perspective on your personal chart. We explore the Houses, Aspects and Transits of each of the dwarf planets in your chart.




You might like to check out Alan's blog posts on his latest Ixion research:

the Blessing of Ixion, a personal introduction to Pluto's Lawless Brother

Ixion in the 2nd House - Case Study, Donald J Trump

or get more info on Alan's online Course at the Dwarf Planet University:

Ixion 101 - a 6 week exploration of Ixion in your personal chart

•Ixion was the father of the Centaurs, and not a particularly nice fellow. Ixion does two things in the myth. One is that he shows he has no morals; no ethics; no sense of right or wrong. He lacks boundaries. He is criminally insane, on an unimaginable scale — what you might call a sociopath. And he is a king, making this all the more outrageous. Eric Francis

•Second, he squanders his second chance. Even after committing murder, Zeus offers him the opportunity to heal and grow, and he takes that opportunity and plots the rape of the queen of the Olympian gods and goddesses. Zeus then expelled him from Olympus to spin in eternity bound to a burning wheel. Eric Francis

•Turning forever on the wheel of fire could be read as what we do to ourselves if we can’t forgive ourselves / accept ourselves. Ixion could be where we think we are unforgivable, or unforgiven and have an actual stain on the soul. The idea of original sin, is about the lack of self-forgiveness. Eric Francis

Positive - understands karmic wheel, gives and uses a second chance, discerning

Negative - lustful, inconsiderate, inclined to repeat errors, learns nothing from experience

Philip Sedgwick


•being without regrets,

•rediscovering something simpler 

•strength through joy 

•lust for life, charisma, inventiveness, ingenuity

•creating trouble, creating change 

•breaking eggs in order to make omelettes 

•taking the tiger by the tail

•He might be the symbol of the second chance, forgiveness, ungratefulness or 'the bad boy' inside or outside ourselves.

Mark Andrew Holmes

Here's a link to the Swiss Ephemeris for Ixion so you can find it in your own chart.

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