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The Astrology of Haumea

This is the first of a series of textbooks on the astrology of the new dwarf planets, based on the research at the Dwarf Planet University.

Probably the most valuable section is the house interpretations, looking at how Haumea manifests in our daily lives with example case studies.

There is also a workbook to locate and on-board this new energy in your chart. And a section introducing each of the dwarf planets to put Haumea in context.

Click the book image to find it on Amazon

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Jupiter trine Quaoar

I hope you are enjoying today's Mars sextile Pluto. We have the opportunity to take action to transform our lives today. And Jupiter is also closely trine Quaoar at 7 degrees Capricorn. At the Uni we look at Quaoar as being the higher octave of Jupiter, so a deep opportunity is available this week as our spirit-song aligns with our luck.

Both Jupiter and Quaoar talk of expansion and of new possibilities, but where Jupiter expands through a mix of luck and a hunger for more, Quaoar repolarises Jupiter so we can see the new opportunities and deftly take the appropriate action to enable the expansion that is possible in each moment.

Where Jupiter is a sort of dumb luck, Quaoar turns each moment into a dynamic meditation, where we can see the opportunities and act on them in real time. So, Quaoar is like smart luck.

As we develop spiritually, Quaoar enables us to see the song and dance of spirit in everything, and we understand that we are part of a rich chorus of spirit which underpins the physical world. We see both the bigger spirit-story that humanity is telling, and the part we’re playing in that story. This allows us to manifest spirit as required to bring order out of chaos and create harmony in our lives.

The Glass Bead Game

Let's look at a case study to see how this works in practice. The Glass Bead Game is the final novel by German author, Hermann Hesse, published as transiting Quaoar was square his natal Jupiter. The book is an intricate psychological novel about humanity’s eternal quest for enlightenment and for synthesis of the intellectual and the active life.

We see in this story the rich contextual interweaving of the Quaoar square to Jupiter. Set in the 23rd century, the novel purports to be a biography of Josef Knecht, who has been reared in Castalia, the remote place his society has provided for the intellectual elite to grow and flourish. Since childhood, Knecht has been consumed with mastering the Glass Bead Game, which requires a synthesis of aesthetics and scientific arts, such as mathematics, music, logic, and philosophy. This he achieves in adulthood, becoming a Magister Ludi, the Master of the Game.

Nobel Prize for Literature

Three years later, as transiting Jupiter trined his natal Quaoar, Hermann Hesse was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature.

This is the trine we are all experiencing at the moment with transiting Quaoar trine transiting Jupiter. From this case study, I suggest it represents an opportunity for culmination. And to discover 'the culmination of what?' we need to see how these planets connect with our birth chart.

To use myself as a case study, Jupiter is sitting on my 5th house cusp, as I do the final write on my new book, New Stars for a New Era, which I'm so exited about! This is a consciousness workbook for our 10 new planets, aimed at a general audience, which will be released at the end of January. And my excitement is no doubt coming from Quaoar, who has been dancing all year on my North Node in the 12th house... So I'm just loving the title for this section of the post, and I hope it's a portend of good things to come.

Quaoar Scholarships

The early scholarships were snapped up quickly on our Quaoar course starting in February. But, if you want to discover your spirit song and onboard this consciousness amongst a team of loving fellow astrologers, I now have a handful of our standard scholarships available.

Students report that our dwarf planet study is transformative. And that on-boarding the energy of these new planets is as easy as being conscious of their action in our lives. So, join us if you can on Quaoar and thanks for your work on-boarding these new consciousness energies in your life.

Love and laughter


Alan Clay’s sensitive, cutting edge wisdom and the community sharing make the classes on the Dwarf Planets compelling and profound. They are as much an exploration as a revelation. Not only mentally stimulating, they are a deep dive into each of our psyche and growth experience. I love them and am looking forward to more. - Karen La Puma, Astrologer, Counselor, Speaker.

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1 opmerking

22 nov. 2023

Quaoar is of interest to me. Natally, at 10 degrees Libra conjunct point of fortune at 8 degrees Libra. Jupiter, natally, conjunct midheaven and moon at 18 degrees Taurus. Common denominator both in Venus ruled signs and very widely quincunx. Makes me want to sing and dance 😁

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