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The Astrology of Haumea

This is the first of a series of textbooks on the astrology of the new dwarf planets, based on the research at the Dwarf Planet University.

Probably the most valuable section is the house interpretations, looking at how Haumea manifests in our daily lives with example case studies.

There is also a workbook to locate and on-board this new energy in your chart. And a section introducing each of the dwarf planets to put Haumea in context.

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Neptune inconjunct Haumea

I hope you are enjoying today's Mars sextile Saturn. If last weekend's retrograde Saturn has been throwing some curved balls into your reality, this is probably a welcome time when you can take action to sort some of that out.

Neptune also stationed retrograde a few days ago, which has added to the existential nature of the experience, throwing our illusions and dreams into reverse in addition to our practical reality.

Neptune is in a fated inconjunct with his higher octave, Haumea, as he stations. She takes his psychic opening and turns it into a real psychic connection with the oneness of our existence, opening us to the magic of being alive in each moment.

Haumea is also stationary, turning direct at 0 degrees and just 1 minute of Scorpio. She has been stirring up the waters of this deep and meaningful sign for a couple of years, on and off, and now she has embraced what needs to be done and is starting that process in each of our lives.

In Scorpio she is the undersea volcano violently thrusting something new into the world from the depths of our psyche. She is the tsunami that ripples out from this new birth, cleansing the shores of those who are insensitive, or who are not adaptable enough to embrace the change.

Haumea is always bringing renewal into our lives, but we have to welcome this and gracefully surrender the old, so there is space for the new to grow. However, our sense of security often derives from the possessions and routines that we have built up over many years and, as a result we can become very attached to the old.


When we are rooted in the past for our security, we protect ourselves from any regeneration because we fear it will challenge the foundations of our world. But regeneration is essential for a healthy life, as no living thing can maintain a stasis without growth. So, we have to be open to the growth, welcome it, and nurture it.


When we hang on blindly to the old, the only way the new can be birthed is through crisis and disaster. By desperately hanging onto the past, we are actually calling crisis and disaster into our lives to help us let go and allow the necessary rebirth. When we cling, we are choosing to ignore the signals that change is required.

At any time, some part of our reality is obsolete, or creaking in some way, and new psychic opportunities are germinating. The challenge is to open ourselves to this germination and deal with the creaking piece of reality at the same time. If we trust that this is a natural growth process, we can gracefully surrender the old and simultaneously embrace the new.

A Fated Time of Rebirth

The inconjunct between Neptune and Haumea tells us that we are in a powerfully fated time of rebirth in our faith and our spiritual work. We have had this transiting aspect for much of the year on and off, because the outer planets move slowly, but it is just 5 minutes from exact now as they both station, so we are at an inflection point.

Neptune can have a righteousness, a blind faith, which shuts out other interpretations, but Dane Rudhyar reminded us that the higher octaves act on the lower octaves to repolarise them. So Haumea is acting on our righteousness and our faith at this time to repolarise it into a new understanding of our relationship with the divine.

We see this most painfully in the world at the moment in the Middle East, but it is happening in each of our lives in the way that is most appropriate to us. Both Neptune and Haumea are acting on the planets in our charts at the beginning, or the end, of any sign. So check out those connections to understand the dynamics of this spiritual rebirth process in your life.

Haumea Early Scholarships

Another good way to do it is to come to our Haumea course to investigate it under my guidance and together with a group of supportive fellow travellers. This course runs in the last bracket of the year and this will be our only offering of this cheapest Early Scholarship deal.

This is actually our last Early Scholarship offering for the year, because the best deals on the other courses in that bracket, Gonggong and Varda, have already been snapped up. Haumea tends to be one of our most popular courses, because, as we embrace her energy, she facilitates a renewal in our lives.

New Stars for a New Era

And finally, my book, New Stars for a New Era: A Consciousness Workbook for our 10 New Planets, is enjoying more interest and positive reviews, with the British Astrological Journal publishing a 5 page excerpt in the current Issue. While the Journal of the Federation of Australian Astrologers has a review calling the book: "A wonderful reference publication for every astrologer’s collection for many years to come." Find the full review below.

Join us if you can on Haumea, and thanks for your work embracing these new aspects of consciousness. 

Love and laughter


I absolutely loved the Haumea class! As a first time student of astrology, I can honestly say that aside from Alan  (a wonderful teacher and guide), every one of the students in the class was a teacher for me. I learned so much and can’t wait for the next class to begin. - Mary Anne Pitt, USA


New Stars for a New Era:

A Consciousness Workbook for our 10 New Planets

Reviewed by Georgina Sierra in the FAA Journal

New Zealand Astrologer Alan Clay brings a new book to the astrological literature zeitgeist. As a writer, clown, director, producer and teacher, he brings his talents to an entertaining read about dwarf planets in his new book, "New Stars for a New Era - A Consciousness Workbook For Our 10 New Planets".

This Dwarf Planet University Publication starts with a brief introduction encompassing how the prevalent themes of the era when a heavenly body is found, lead to its themes in astrological delineation. As these dwarf planets were discovered at the start of the millennium, it was when, as Alan says in his book, humanity started showing signs of a “rapid conscious development”. And that is what these dwarf planets represent.

The end of the book has appendices that give an easy guide to the astrological basics, how to get your chart and a summary of the energetic vibration of the dwarf planets related to the personal and transpersonal planets in terms of octaves. These appendices make this book accessible to novice and professional astrologers alike.

These two sections are the book ends that house the prevalent content of the book. Alan examines each dwarf planet discovered between 2000 and 2007, namely: Ixion, Orcus, Salacia, Varuna, Haumea, Quaoar, Makemake, Gonggong, Eris and Sedna. The title page of each chapter is illustrated by Karen La Puma, with beautiful colour images reminiscent of tarot cards. Each image summarises what the dwarf planet is about. It also shows which planets it is the higher octave of.

This book is not an astrological cookbook by any means. This is what sets this book apart from the rest. Being called a workbook, Alan’s examination of each dwarf planet is like examining an atom. He begins with the nucleus of each planet and what it symbolises. Then jumps to the electrons on each energy level of the atom. Showing us what we can understand on our journey through each level of development in our lives with our dwarf planets.

Alan balances each interpretation with positive aspects and the unique challenges each dwarf planet can bring into our lives. Whether by it's house placement or triggered by transit. Alan provides clues and questions one needs to ask oneself to understand these dwarf planets in their life.

Alan then delineates what each dwarf planet represents through the houses, with celebrity examples. Once we understand what each dwarf planet represents in our charts, we can face the gifts and challenges they bring into our lives. In reading this book, I found my natal dwarf planet placements. I read each personal placement and was astounded. I saw parts of my personality appearing through Alan’s words. It brought a depth to my chart I hadn’t seen before.

Alan’s creative skills have been beautifully applied to writing this book. There are less than a handful of books in the market encompassing these dwarf planets in one publication. I think this is a wonderful reference publication for every astrologer’s collection for many years to come.


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