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The Astrology of Haumea

This is the first of a series of textbooks on the astrology of the new dwarf planets, based on the research at the Dwarf Planet University.

Probably the most valuable section is the house interpretations, looking at how Haumea manifests in our daily lives with example case studies.

There is also a workbook to locate and on-board this new energy in your chart. And a section introducing each of the dwarf planets to put Haumea in context.

Click the book image to find it on Amazon

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Sun Biquintile Varuna

I hope you enjoyed yesterday's Venus conjunct Jupiter. This is the start of a new cycle of expansion in our values and relationships. The Sun is also closely biquintile Varuna, the higher octave of Saturn today. Where Saturn rules by control and restriction, Varuna rules through a sovereignty won through experience.

Bi-quintiles sit between a trine and an opposition, so they enable us to see the problems with whatever we are working on and correct them in real time. This turns the opportunity into a really deep flow, where we can take the planetary energies at either end of the aspect and integrate them at a really deep level. So today we have and evolutionary opportunity to integrate our will with our sovereignty.

And Saturn goes into Pisces next week, so if we find the dissolving of boundaries that is likely to go on in our lives during this Saturn transit problematic, developing our sovereignty is a good way to balance and allow this process. As Saturn makes his dive, Varuna is transiting through Leo, encouraging us to step onto our stage and claim our sovereignty, which is what we have to do to activate this new planet.

And Varuna is also closely t-squaring the nodal access, with Saturn trining the South Node within 4 degrees, so there are likely to be karmic issues and abilities which are encouraging our Saturnian dissolve. And these issues and abilities are challenging us to step into our sovereignty and thereby enable our North Node destiny.


Sovereignty is a dance between our intention and the collective psyche. We have to claim it and at the same time others have to agree to give it to us. We have to say 'I can do this' and then do it. And other's have to agree, 'yes, you can do that, and you're the best one to do it'.

Once we step up, we have to keep doing it over time. It is this persistence that builds an audience for our work, or draws the populace for our kingdom. And this ongoing work creates a notability, where if people are asked ‘who to turn to’ for the thing that we do, everyone points to us.

And it is easier to claim our sovereignty when we are not wedded to the existing social structures and roles, but can laugh at our conditioning and free ourselves to do the thing that we want to master. Through the ability to laugh, including at our own petty habits and mannerisms, we can enable a deconditioning process, which frees us to develop our true individuality and claim our sovereignty.

Varuna also gives us a desire for justice and the ability to understand the Divine Order. When we embrace his sovereign demands, he enables us to oversee the world and make impartial judgments. To know what is true in any situation, and what is morally right. And this enables us to gain unlimited knowledge and become a sort of sage in some area if we do the work required to achieve this.

But there can also be a loss of power or status bought about through inaction in a crisis. This inaction is caused by a higher understanding that action is in fact not necessary. But this analysis doesn’t factor in the real political need to be seen to be in control. So, others who do act, are given the power in our stead.

If we are still at the personal planet level however, Varuna can give us an unfounded sense of entitlement which, when it inevitably doesn’t work, shows us up as being incompetent and encourages us to blame others for our own shortfalls. At this level we may be overlooked or demoted because of this incompetence and will likely lament our losses and hold resentment as a result.

Once we are on the spiritual path however, Varuna teaches us to stand in the center of our lives and own the results of our dance of karma and dharma without the need of outside support.

Varuna 101

A good way to own the results of our dance of karma and dharma is to study Varuna in our charts. This year we have brought our Varuna 101 course forward for the occasion, and it with start in June and run on our new Friday/Saturday time slot, starting just after our next Community Program Zoom. Grab an early scholarship today to balance your Saturnian dissolve.

Join us if you are able. And thanks for your work on-boarding these new consciousness energies in your life.

Love and laughter


Alan Clay’s work has transformed my thinking—about my chart, about my practice—even about astrology itself. Alan is a born teacher. - Ariel Harper Nave, Canada

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