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Just Released!

The Astrology of Haumea

This is the first of a series of textbooks on the astrology of the new dwarf planets, based on the research at the Dwarf Planet University.

Probably the most valuable section is the house interpretations, looking at how Haumea manifests in our daily lives with example case studies.

There is also a workbook to locate and on-board this new energy in your chart. And a section introducing each of the dwarf planets to put Haumea in context.

Click the book image to find it on Amazon


Sun quintile Eris

Please read to the bottom of this post to find out about the secret sextile between Jupiter and Saturn that we're having this month. And a big thank you to everyone who has already bought the ebook or the paperback of New Stars for a New Era. And also thanks to all of you who are getting ready to download it for free and spread the word, because that is also a very valuable contribution.

The next blog post you get from me will be your invite to download the book. If you are new to downloads, get the free Kindle app on your device first. The paperback and Kindle version are still not linked on Amazon, but you can find both by searching on the title. Amazon has now dropped their paperback price to match the competition.

Mercury sextile Neptune

I hope you are enjoying today's Mercury sextile Neptune. This is a good day for finding inspiration, or communicating about our dreams. Mercury is just moving away from a square to 'diversity consciousness' Eris, at 24 degrees Aries. So our ideas and communication could have been challenged by discordant energies or people in the past 24 hours.

These confrontations shine light on parts of ourselves that we have denied or pushed into the unconscious, or simply taken for granted. We need discord to grow. It’s only in the to-and-fro of opposing points of view that change occurs. Eris doesn’t really cause trouble; she just shines a light on the need for change by provoking our natural reactions, so we can see where they lead. 

Sun quintile Eris

Fortunately the Sun is also quintile Eris today, so our will power is in an evolutionary flow with our diversity consciousness. Under this influence we can access a female power which is gentle and sensitive in it's engagement, but which rises in strength to meet the needs of any situation. If the square to Mercury has been challenging, the quintile to Eris enables us to take that impulse and transmute it into love through our response.

Eris' power comes from the unflinching view of our lives that she gives us. So, the more we can embrace our own multi-faceted nature, the more power we can bring to bear. We could also find that our power today comes from a connection with a higher truth, perhaps to a spirit guide, or to an inner guide, and, if so, these truths will inform and strengthen our will power through the quintile.

As we adopt a more spiritual approach to Eris' challenges, we learn that our strife can be dealt with by accepting the opposing point of view, and that without strife, we can live in harmony. This diversity consciousness enables us to understand that the problem is seeing the opposing view as a challenge. To accept an opposing view, we have to grow spiritually, so that our belief is not challenged by a lack of the same belief in another. At this level, Eris becomes the goddess of pluralism, enabling us each to believe what works for us.

Eris Consciousness Challenges


3. Reveal a hidden facet. Search out a neglected side of yourself that you would like to develop and give yourself permission to find a way to do that. Then give yourself the freedom to take the first step to make it happen. 

4. Ground Eris practically. Next time you can see something clearly in an Eris way, look for what small and immediate step you can take to manifest that vision. And then take that step and don’t second guess yourself. It is through acting that we ground her sacred wisdom. 


Eris brings sacred truth into our lives, and we have to be ready to ‘handle it’, or we will blow a fuse. Just like the yogis of old who practiced devoutly to be able to channel divine grace, we have to work to enable and integrate these new outer planet energies. We do this work by learning to ground Eris’ light in practical ways in our daily lives.


When we’re not ready to do this, we are likely to project it out and tell everyone else what they should do. It is all too easy to see what others should do with their lives, but much harder to turn that transpersonal gaze on ourselves.

Eris Scholarships

If you want help to do this, our Eris course provides a loving supportive group of fellow travellers to help you embrace this female power. Grab your chance to enable the fulfilment possible in your life by getting a Scholarship on this course, starting in April.

Secret Jupiter sextile Saturn

Well, not really secret, but under the radar... Jupiter and Saturn are travelling sextile to one another, within one degree, for the whole of this month. But the aspect doesn't perfect so it will never show up in transit calendars, Jupiter eventually speeds up and leaves Saturn behind.

This is a lucky transit, where opportunities to advance practically can manifest in our lives. But the lack of perfection means we have to make the effort to enable this luck. So, be sensitive to the practical opportunities in your life this month - like scholarships on Eris classes - and don't wait for them to hit you in the face.

New Stars for a New Era - Launch Promotion

This is a consciousness workbook for our ten new planets, written without any jargon, in a way someone without any astrological knowledge can enjoy and benefit from. The book invites you to embark on the adventure of embracing these new aspects of consciousness in your life!

In a couple of days, I will post an invitation to download the Kindle edition for free as part of our Launch Promotion. We want to get the word out about this great new book, so the deal is, if you like it, please tell a friend about it, post something on social media, or write a review on Amazon. This will be a time limited offer, so move quickly when you receive it. 

Join us if you can on the Eris course, and thanks for your work onboarding these new aspects of consciousness. 

Love and laughter


What Alan Clay has created with the Dwarf Planet University is nothing short of genius. His in-depth knowledge and amazing teaching style are unique and what the astrological world has been waiting for. I'm so enjoying learning about our far-reaching dwarf planets amongst a galaxy of friendly, intelligent student astrologers from all over the universe, logging on at their differing time zones. 

Eileen Richardson, UK

New Stars for a New Era

A Consciousness Workbook for our 10 New Planets

"Alan Clay has written a comprehensive book on the newly discovered dwarf planets, exploring everything from their mythology to practical application. More than just reading about these celestial bodies, Alan shows us how to work with their energies and incorporate them into our lives. Best of all, the book is accessible to both seasoned astrologers and novices eager to gain an understanding of the emergence of new consciousnesses in our world. A strong recommendation for this groundbreaking book.” Armand Diaz, NCGR Journal

Now available in paperback.

Or get it from Barnes & Nobel.

Or buy the ebook to read on your phone or device.

Paperback now available on order from any bookshop!


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Alison G
Alison G
Feb 02

Astro Geek,

If you scroll back up to 'Menu' then click on 'shop' and scroll down there is a link to these Eris scholarships.

Replying to

Thanks for taking the time to tell me, I appreciate the kindness.

I just want to apologize if I have caused some offense, that was not my intention. It is my misfortune that my enthusiasm is often too quick acting and is off putting for a great many people. I don’t have a lot to be enthusiastic about in my day to day life so when it hits it really hits. I was excited to engage with someone who has more knowledge and experience than me who seemed so kind because it reminded me of the person I hope to become, and I was really hoping my enthusiasm would be reciprocated by the seasoned astrologer who hopes to offer something…

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