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US Virus Response sets up next years US Pluto Return

We are beginning to understand the meaning of Ceres hanging out with Pluto and Saturn in their conjunction in January. I said at the time it would likely portend loss and grief in this cycle of social transformation, and we are seeing that manifest early and strongly, with the hardship and death that the Corona virus is bringing to societies across the globe.

Ceres and Pluto are both dwarf planets and Ceres orbits in between Mars and Jupiter so she is a closer influence, requiring us to husband our resources and nurture ourselves and our environment. Many of us have been calling for this to be given more priority for some time, but social change requires pressure, and we don’t change our habits until we have to.

And neither do we see the need until we are confronted with it. I’m predicting a worse disaster this year in the US than in Europe, with hundreds of thousands dying because - although Americans imagine that their health system is the best in the world, because it is the most expensive - it is nowhere near up to the task of managing this health crisis.

And the lack of political leadership or understanding of the crisis is only going to aggravate the situation. The US experience is going to be worsened by ignorance at the top and a chaotic patchwork of lockdowns and premature openings up, which is going to deepen the catastrophe, increase the death toll and the economic damage.

The ‘me first’ American culture is having to learn that we’re all in this together, that it benefits my health, if the community I live in is healthy. This is the basis of all public health systems, and why every developed country in the world has one, except America. That’s going to be a big lesson for the US.  I predict that the virus will finish the work that Bernie Sanders has been championing, of Medicare for all, because it will become self evident to everyone that this is the best option for both individual health and that of the whole community. I'm not predicting that Bernie will be the candidate, or the president, but his ideas are in the process of changing the country.

We all knew that the US was going to go through a major transformation in the next few years as it experiences its Pluto return, and it will not emerge from this period the same nation that it is today. But if we look at this in the context of the January conjunction, we begin to see the contours of how this may evolve.  Looking toward the return, back in 2005, Liz Greene predicted that it "suggests the completion of a great cycle, and a cementing of the fundamental values on which the Constitution is built… A time has arrived when there is a great new opportunity to affirm the values and ideals of the original founding of the nation, applicable not only to government and to foreign relations, but also to the land itself and the resources inherent in it." Using a two degree orb, the first return aspect will occur during the US summer months next year, and looking at this in the context of the January Ceres-Pluto-Saturn conjunction, which was the start of this period of social transformation, we can see that the three conjunctions Saturn makes to the US Pluto this year will be formative in terms of shaping the events through the period of the Pluto return. The first conjunction was on February 23. That day Justice Sotomayor said the Supreme Court puts “a thumb on the scale” for Trump. Harvey Weinstein was found guilty of rape at New York trial. The CDC announced that Americans should prepare for coronavirus crisis in U.S. And the virus wiped out $1.7 trillion in US stock market value in two days. Saturn will again be conjunct the US Pluto on August 4th and then again just after the US election on November 21st, and the events around these dates and how people react to them, will shape the Pluto return crisis for America over the next few years. From the events at the first Saturn conjunction we can see it will have something to do with changing the power balance and being forced to realise our interconnectedness and the need to nurture our community to have a strong economy. The announcement of the pandemic on the first Saturn transit of the US Pluto suggests that it will also feature in the August and November transits, so it will definitely be a feature of the presidential election. Everyone now agrees that we are heading into a period of deep depression the like of which we have not seen