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Dwarf Planet Astrology Diploma

These new planets speak of aspects of consciousness that are coming available to us in the years since their discovery and what students are loving on the classes is the community sharing through blog-posted assignments and Zoom Q&As, because they give a really good picture of how these new planets act similarly, and yet diversely, in each of our lives. This process also enables us to onboard these energies into our conscious psyches.

The University offers a Diploma of Dwarf Planet Astrology on completion of any 8 of the 10 courses on offer. This year we started with Ixion and focussed on the new goddess planets, Eris, Ceres, Sedna and Haumea, and next year we are also covering our first non-gendered planet, Quaoar, and the new gods: Orcus, Makemake, Varuna and Gonggong.

To enable this, we will be running 2 course-streams simultaneously through the year, and so while it is possible to do 2 courses at the same time, we recommend that those doing the ongoing diploma study just do one stream because of the assignment case load.


We recommend starting with Ixion and continuing with the goddess planets in the first year. However students are also welcome to do courses singly and in any order, and all the courses have a mix of ongoing and casual students.

Course Format

These courses mix webinars, blog-posted research assignments on your personal chart and live Zoom Q&As, timed so you can attend from anywhere in the world.


Each course starts with a Zoom introduction and we will explore the meaning of the planet and its House position in the first fortnight, its aspects in the second fortnight and transits in the third. Each fortnight will include an instructional webinar, an assignment and a live 2 hour Zoom Q&A session.

Assignments are posted on a private blog so we can learn from, and comment on posts from our fellow course members. And the live Q&A sessions are recorded so you can pick up any classes you miss. 




The courses assume a basic understanding of astrology, but these days many of us have this, so there is no barrier to entering at whatever level of study you are at and participating however you feel inspired. We are all learning with these new planets.

So the coursework will not be graded, but it will be assessed in determining if any course can be credited towards the diploma.


Submission of the written assignments, interaction with the other student's posts and participation in the live Q&As is required for those studying towards the diploma and we will award 'Diplomas with Distinction' to the top students. 


4 Course Diploma Bundle


For those pursuing the diploma we are offering a standard 4 course pre-buy bundle price which gives you each course for half of the normal price. And to celebrate the launch of the university we currently have a one-off promotion dropping this even further to one third of the normal price. 

The bundle can be used for any four of the ten courses offered over a two year period and you don't need to specify your courses or book in advance. Two bundles obviously give you the best value diploma.

Pre-buy 4-bundle price: NZ$360 (about US$240) Full 4-course price NZ$720 (about US$480)

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