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The Astrology of Haumea

This is the first of a series of textbooks on the astrology of the new dwarf planets, based on the research at the Dwarf Planet University.

Probably the most valuable section is the house interpretations, looking at how Haumea manifests in our daily lives with example case studies.

There is also a workbook to locate and on-board this new energy in your chart. And a section introducing each of the dwarf planets to put Haumea in context.

Click the book image to find it on Amazon

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Venus sextile Uranus & quintile Ixion!

I hope you are enjoying today's Venus sextile Uranus. New energy and surprising developments are likely coming into our values and relationships today. And Venus is also quintile Ixion in Capricorn, so we have an evolutionary opportunity in this process to shape these relationships so they suit our unique passion.

If we don't honour our personal passion however, we will likely project this energy out into our lives and attract relationships with Ixionic people. In myth he is a sociopath, so the people we attract in this way are likely to be undesirables who upset our lives. As we develop spiritually however, and embrace this "devil may care' attitude, we can step outside our conditioning and learn to follow our bliss.

The Sun in Aquarius is also closely semi-square Ixion today, highlighting this independent streak and challenging us to be sensitive to the unspoken agreements our relationships. When we are sensitive to them, we know how much room we have to manoeuvre to achieve our passion, without upsetting the apple-cart.

A Chance to Define Our Own Rules

At the personal planet level of consciousness, Ixion compulsively urges us disregard boundaries and take what we want when we want it, without regard to others and this is obviously going to lead us into trouble and will likely result in an outcast status, or in punishment in some form.

At this level the myth suggests the action of this dwarf planet will involve broken promises and retribution leading to an outcast, outlaw status. And there is the danger that second chances will be wasted through the arousal of base passions.

Once we’re on the spiritual path however, Ixion represents a passionate spiritual mission, which may involve a violation of existing customs and a resulting catharsis, followed by opportunities for a second chance. At this level, we can embrace the freedom to be ourselves, to forgive our miss-steps and learn from our mistakes.

And at the spiritually evolved level he offers us the opportunity to define our own rules and live life on our own terms, while respecting the implicit agreements in our relationships and transmuting our base emotions.

Ixion Scholarships

I recommend starting with Ixion at the Uni, because this wilful independent energy is what we need theses days to pursue a personal spiritual path in this world, a path which will likely start by accepting our passionate nature. The myth’s all about a passionate personal mission and, because Ixion is in orbital resonance with Neptune, at the more enlightened level this can become a spiritual mission, where personal passions can become spiritual paths.

Where Neptune’s spirituality is nebulous, Ixion takes that energy and focusses it in a personal spiritual mission which is not afraid to experience both the dark and light sides and go beyond the norms. We need a strong internal passion to guide us beyond the traditional ideas that are crumbling around us in these years. Our world and our place in it are changing so fast that the old rules don’t work effectively anymore and we each need to find the passion to chart our own course into the future.

The best way to on-board this energy consciously in our lives is to study Ixion's placement in our chart. First look at his house position to understand the area of our life in which he operates. Then at the aspects to understand how we can harness this energy, and finally at the transits over our lifetime, to see how this has manifested in our lives to date.

This is the process we use at the Uni, so I encourage you to jump into our 6 week Ixion course, which starts in a couple of weeks. To incentivise you to participate I'm offering a limited number of scholarships, bringing the cost right down.

Community Program

Or, if you don't have time to do that coursework, you could join the Community Program, where you will get the introductory Ixion webinar on-demand. This includes the the house interpretations, which is where we see these new energies manifesting most directly in our lives.

The Ixion webinar will be posted immediately after the first of our 4 Zoom gatherings, where I will talk about the current dwarf transits, answer questions and look at example charts. This first Zoom is at the end of next week, and in this session we will be looking at the current transit of Ixion bi-quintile Sedna (our soul's path of destiny). This session will be recorded if you can't attend live.

Join us on the Community Program if you are able and thanks for your work on-boarding these new consciousness energies.

Love and laughter Alan

What Alan Clay has created with the Dwarf Planet University is nothing short of genius. His in-depth knowledge and amazing teaching style are unique and what the astrological world has been waiting for. I'm so enjoying learning about our far reaching dwarf planets amongst a galaxy of friendly, intelligent student astrologers from all over the universe, logging on at their differing time zones. Eileen Richardson, UK.

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