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The Astrology of Haumea

This is the first of a series of textbooks on the astrology of the new dwarf planets, based on the research at the Dwarf Planet University.

Probably the most valuable section is the house interpretations, looking at how Haumea manifests in our daily lives with example case studies.

There is also a workbook to locate and on-board this new energy in your chart. And a section introducing each of the dwarf planets to put Haumea in context.

Click the book image to find it on Amazon

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Mars conj Ixion & biquintile Sedna

I hope you are enjoying today's Mars sextile to Saturn and trine to Jupiter. This is a wonderful time to take action to expand the structure of our lives, particularly with today's New Moon.

Remember Saturn is conjunct the water dragon, Gonggong, as I discussed in the last blog post, so our structure is either being infused with the psychic and emotional energies we are currently channeling, or it is being overwhelmed by them.

For me this conjunction is manifesting in the layout process of my new book, where I can see the book (Saturn) actually coming together out of the etherial energies (Gonggong). I'm going to use the book to exemplify today's transits and also to start enthusing you (Gonggong) about getting a copy (Saturn). 

Those who may have been underwhelmed by the cover reveal in the last newsletter in comparison with the beautiful images by Karen La Puma on the covers of the Haumea and Makemakje books, will be please to hear that the new book has a colour interior and it will include images that Karen has created for all ten of the new planets.

Mars conjunct Ixion

Mars is conjunct Ixion today as he experiences the flows with Jupiter and Saturn/Gonggong. This conjunction gives our action an independent passionate energy. Ixion is our seeker consciousness, and this conjunction can give us the courage we need to wear our heart on our sleeve, and dare to be our authentic selves in the actions we take. We can do this, secure in the knowledge that we have to break some eggs in order to make an omelet. 

However, if we are not honouring our authenticity, we could find ourselves fighting with rascals and other disreputable people today who are out to take advantage of us in some way. In the bigger scheme of things these people are pushing us to be ourselves and to define our own boundaries.

We need this argy-bargy with the world to help us engage with these new aspects of consciousness. So, as well as astrological information on each planet, New Stars for a New Era also includes consciousness exercises (Gonggong/Saturn) to enable us to engage with each of these new aspects of consciousness in a meaningful way. Here are a couple from the Ixion chapter, together with Karen's beautiful image.

Ixion Consciousness Challenges


1. Follow your bliss. If you don’t normally follow your heart, make an effort to spontaneously do something you really want to do, when you want to do it. The secret is to ‘give yourself permission’. One way to do this is to declare a holiday and give yourself ‘time off’.

2. Have a ‘bad’ person day. Set aside a day where you let yourself do the things you really want to do, but don’t normally let yourself. If challenged, practice asking for forgiveness afterwards, rather than seeking permission before.

Ixion 101 Pricebuster Deal

The book will give you the information, but what the classes give you, is the supportive community, where we can help one another to understand and on-board these new aspects of consciousness. So, for those keen to develop their authenticity, there are still places in the Ixion course starting in 4 weeks and this is the last chance to get one of these at a 33% discount on the PriceBuster deal. 

Mars Biquintile Sedna

The Mars Ixion conjunction is also biquintile Sedna at 29 degrees Taurus. This evolutionary flow has to be cultivated, but if we do, we are able to deeply integrate our soul's destiny with our independent action today.

Sedna motivates us along our soul's path of destiny, pushing us to do the things and have the experiences that our soul needs in this life. Frequently these manifest as trials, where we are forced to let go of our existing consciousness and transcend to a new more spiritual understanding of ourselves and our world. There is no choice with Sedna, we have to accept and transcend the trials in our lives.

The area of our lives represented by the house placement is where we see these etherial energies manifesting most clearly, so New Stars for a New Era includes house interpretations for each of our 10 planets, which are illustrated with examples of well known people to bring them to life.

Because these new aspects of consciousness manifest differently in our lives depending on our current level of consciousness, I have concentrated on examples of people who are on the spiritual path, or at the spiritually evolved level, to inspire us, rather than use examples at the unconscious level, but there are a few of them for contrast.

In editing the house interpretations from my book Sedna Consciousness, to suit the format of New Stars for a New Era, I had to take out all the unconscious level examples because they were too gruesome for the new book. At the personal planet level of consciousness Sedna can push us to take extreme measures to enable our soul's growth. Anything is justified.

So today's Sedna biquintile Mars/Ixion is likely to motivate us to take soul developing actions where anything is justified, and encourage us to ask for forgiveness afterwards, rather than permission before. Here are a couple of the consciousness exercises from the Sedna chapter to help us understand this, together with Karen's image.

Sedna Consciousness Challenges

1. Nurture your sense of humor. Seek out situations that make you laugh. And when you do, notice the release of karmic baggage that the laughter enables. A weight is lifted from you, and you can go lighter on your soul’s path of destiny.

2. Nurture abundance. Notice what manifests in your life in each moment. It may not be what you want, but it is what you need. Find the courage to embrace that and nurture it, because that is the source of your abundance.

Sedna Early Scholarships

If you want to develop your understanding of your soul consciousness, we are continuing the 2024 Early Scholarship sale today with our Sedna 101 course.

These Early Scholarships are the best deals you will get on any of the courses at the Uni this year, so if price is your key to joining, take advantage of this early enrolment bargain basement price, and, if your plans change, we happily transfer or refund the enrolment. 

New Stars for a New Era

This is a consciousness workbook for our ten new planets, written without any jargon, in a way someone without any astrological knowledge can enjoy and benefit from. The book invites you to embark on the adventure of embracing these new aspects of consciousness in your life!

It is in the layout phase this week - looking very beautiful - and it will be ingested into the publishing system next week during the Saturn - Gonggong exact conjunction. So I'll keep you posted on when you can buy a copy of either the paperback or the Kindle ebook.

We want to get the word-of-mouth promotion going for the book, so you will receive an invitation on February 5th to download a free copy of the Kindle ebook. And the deal is, if you like it, please write a review, post something on social media, or tell a friend about it.

Join us if you can on Ixion or Sedna, and thanks for your work onboarding these new aspects of consciousness.

Love and laughter


“I have been sensing a reciprocity in my study of the dwarf planets. As I shift focus and embrace each of their unique energies, I am in turn rewarded by a richer understanding of myself and the world in which we live.” Alison Glennie, Ireland

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Loving the art ☺️ Really helps get a feel for the energies.

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