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The Astrology of Haumea

This is the first of a series of textbooks on the astrology of the new dwarf planets, based on the research at the Dwarf Planet University.

Probably the most valuable section is the house interpretations, looking at how Haumea manifests in our daily lives with example case studies.

There is also a workbook to locate and on-board this new energy in your chart. And a section introducing each of the dwarf planets to put Haumea in context.

Click the book image to find it on Amazon

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North Node sextile Jupiter & Neptune

I hope you are enjoying today's North Node sextile the Jupiter Neptune conjunction, this is a great time to launch or expand a spiritual practise. However the Node is also closely square Saturn, so this expansion will come with practical challenges.

The blessing in these days comes from an exact bi-quintile between Mercury's higher octaves, Uranus and Makemake. If Mercury's ideas and communications are disseminated through a map or network with Uranus, then Makemake talks about the culture or nation that those ideas and that network addresses.

Makemake is currently at 7 degrees Libra, travelling retrograde, and Uranus is at 13 degrees Taurus, travelling direct, so this aspect is within a 1 degree orb this whole month. Check what houses they are transiting in your chart to understand how your intuitive Uranian energy is being infused with the rich culture of Makemake.

I have found Makemake to be a spiritual trickster, allowing us to experiment with the area of life signified by his natal position. When we are unconscious of this influence however there can be a reckless nature to his energy, and he can encourage us to engage in double talk and be manipulative with our communication, because we see that we can. We may also take flight to avoid the consequences of our actions, or develop an ability to hide in plain sight as a coping skill. Once we are on the spiritual path however Makemake teaches us to have the devotional focus to understand the rich tapestry of our lives that each moment holds. And at the spiritually evolved level we can see the big picture and integrate this with our personal devotional focus at such a deep level, that it likely will be called genius. So the bi-quintile suggests that we have an evolutionary opportunity to map out the cultural changes required to enable the launch or expansion of our spiritual practise this week.

Makemake Scholarships

Today I'm offering 5 scholarships on our Makemake course starting in early June. These will be the only scholarships available on this course, so grab this rare opportunity to join our dedicated ongoing students at a great price.

New Graduates

As you know, the Uni offers a Dwarf Planet Astrology Diploma on completion of any eight of the ten courses we offer. And today I can introduce our first two graduates: Sue Minahan with her Talk Cosmos radio and internet show, and Melissa Billington's 'astro-inspired personalised embodiment practice'.Melissa is my valued assistant teacher at the Uni, much loved by the students, and so we recommend her astro-inspired embodiment service.

Join us if you can on the classes and thanks for your work incorporating these new aspects of consciousness into your life.

Love and laughter


The University offers a Dwarf Planet Astrology Diploma on completion of any eight of the ten courses we offer. And today we introduce our first two Graduates.

Astrologer Consultant, Sue Minahan, is the founder of Talk Cosmos, which is starting its 5th season of weekly leading-edge conversations awakening the authentic self for soul-growth on YouTube and heard on 1150kknw. Sue brings a myriad of diverse professional guests, finding connections & deepening our understanding of how we reflect cosmic energies through contexts like mythology, Sabian Symbols, numerology, Dwarf Planets, history, current events, and astrological cycles.

I am an amateur astrologer in the truest sense of those words. Amateur means lover and astrology means language of the stars. The amateurs we now take as experts (Darwin, Stamets, Lovelace) remind us that degrees cannot confer love of the matter. When the love comes first, the matter follows. I’ve also been called an artist. I continue to explore and reevaluate these titles, such as yogini and teacher. I incorporate astrology and tantric numerology into my one-on-one sessions: Tired of scouring online for your next movement or empowerment practice? Desire something specific to you, based not only on your physical needs, but that also addresses your deeper patternings and predilections? Craving some accountability and cheer on your longer journey of personal evolution? By sighting both your beneficial and tricksy patterns, we can then co-craft a home practice for you that takes into account where you feel stuck, what you’d like to manifest and what you can realistically commit to. I draw from 20+ years of teaching yoga as well as 30+ years studying astrology, and various other healing and creative arts. Be in touch to get started!

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