Study Ixion and the new Goddess planets in your chart. Live Zoom Diploma Courses.


Learn to follow your bliss and develop your independent streak.

February 20

The mission of the Dwarf Planet University is to popularise the understanding and use of the dwarf planets within the astrological community.


Find the courage to embrace your truth telling activist nature.

April 10


Learn to go with the flow and nurture abundance in your life.

June 26


Discover how to step up spiritually on your Soul's Path of Destiny.

August 14


Learn to feel alive with spirit and in touch with the magic of being.

October 30

Dwarf Planet Astrology Diploma

The Dwarf Planet University will offer in-depth courses on five of the dwarf planets in 2021 and extend this to ten in 2022.

The university will offer a Dwarf Planet Astrology Diploma on the completion of any eight of the ten courses on offer. And we will encourage those with the diploma to display a 'Dwarf Planet Certified' statement on their promotion.

Course Format

These 6-week courses mix webinars, blog-posted assignments and live Zoom Q&As, timed so you can attend from anywhere in the world.

Assignments are posted on a private forum so we can learn from, and comment on posts from our fellow course members. And the live Q&A sessions are recorded so you can pick up any classes you miss.


4 Course Diploma Bundle


For those pursuing the diploma we are offering a standard 4 course pre-buy bundle price which gives you each course for half of the normal price.


And to celebrate the launch of the university we currently have a one-off promotion dropping this even further to one third of the normal price. 

Launch bundle price: NZ$240 (about US$160) Normal bundle price: NZ$360 (about US$240) Full 4-course price NZ$720 (about US$480)

“I highly recommend the Dwarf Planets Course for the insights and the amount of new information and perspective gathered. Alan’s teaching inspires one and brings new light and spiritual understanding to charts (certainly to mine). His humor and friendly approach made the seminars very enjoyable yet profound." Elisabetta, Italy - Rome

The Dwarf Planet University is founded by New Zealand astrologer, Alan Clay. 


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