Study the new dwarf planets in your chart through live Zoom Diploma Courses.

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If you want to jump in, you can check out our Haumea 101 course which is starting in late October, (currently with 35 students enrolled) and for those with a deep interest, check out how our Dwarf Planet Astrology Diploma works. The course that we recommend that you start the diploma with in February, is Ixion.


Learn to feel alive with spirit and in touch with the magic of being.

Starts October 30



Our first non-gendered planet. Dance your way out of chaos and into a new reality.

February 12, 2022


The master of integrity. Embrace your deep-diving whistleblower nature.

April 9, 2022


The higher octave of Uranus. Find the devotional focus to really lift your game.

June 11 2022


Learn to follow your bliss and develop your independent streak.

February 5, 2022


Find the courage to embrace your truth telling activist nature.

April 2, 2022


The higher octave of the Moon. Go with the flow and nurture abundance in your life.

June 4, 2022


The higher octave of Saturn. Embrace you sovereignty and the ensuing notability.

August 6 2022


The higher octave of Ceres. Step up spiritually on your Soul's Path of Destiny.

July 30 2022


Develop your tenacious mental ability and open yourself to a flood of insight.


Learn to feel alive with spirit and in touch with the magic of being.

October 15, 2022

October 8, 2022

“I highly recommend the Dwarf Planets Course for the insights and the amount of new information and perspective gathered. Alan’s teaching inspires one and brings new light and spiritual understanding to charts (certainly to mine). His humor and friendly approach made the seminars very enjoyable yet profound." Elisabetta, Italy - Rome