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The Astrology of Haumea

This is the first of a series of textbooks on the astrology of the new dwarf planets, based on the research at the Dwarf Planet University.

Probably the most valuable section is the house interpretations, looking at how Haumea manifests in our daily lives with example case studies.

There is also a workbook to locate and on-board this new energy in your chart. And a section introducing each of the dwarf planets to put Haumea in context.

Click the book image to find it on Amazon

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Pluto trine Sedna

I hope you are enjoying today's Mercury sextile Pluto. Mercury is at the midpoint of an exact trine between Pluto and Sedna. Here we have transformation and power working with transcendent spiritual crises to enliven the areas of our chart that these planets are transiting, which is 28 degrees Capricorn and Taurus.

This is the first of six trines between these two planets over the next four years, as Pluto transits into Aquarius, and Sedna transits into Gemini. And we know the sign changes are significant for the slower moving planets, and none are as slow as Sedna who spends thousands of years in some signs.

She appears to be moving her fastest at the moment, as she approaches her closest point to us in her comet-shaped orbit, spending just 55 years in Taurus, and helping us explore our deeply buried values and transmuting these into spiritual values more appropriate to this time.

She was in Aries, the sign of the god of war, for 100 years up to 1967, a period which saw our first two world wars, and as she entered Venus's sign, Taurus, we had the flowering of the Hippy generation with the moto "Make Love not War".

Sedna in Gemini

Now as she is about to transit into Gemini, we have the rise of AI, which poses the ultimate consciousness challenge to humanity. We are creating a new life form with a consciousness which will be vastly larger than our own, and we must learn to co-exist on this planet.

Not only that, but we will give AI all the work we currently do, because we don't want to do it, and that is going to throw us unto a crises of consciousness... What are we here for, if not to work? Obviously this sort of crisis will encourage many to seek spiritual answers to this question.

Pluto trine Sedna

So I suggest we are blessed by this trine in these difficult times, not that the flow makes the transcendent changes these planets are promoting in our lives any less difficult, but it does provide a supportive context, where everything we need at each moment for this process, is provided. It is up to us whether we can see that and how we use it.

We can see the trine in mundane terms in the world reaction to the invasion of Ukraine, which is 'this can't be allowed in today's world'... that's Pluto in Capricorn having an explosive time in society, but in a flow with Sedna in Taurus, promoting a growth in consciousness through this transcendent crisis we are having in values and diplomacy.

Pluto square Haumea

The invasion itself, I suggest, is more the square between Pluto and Haumea, which is currently within 2 degrees orb, with Haumea sitting on the cusp of war-like Scorpio. So the trine with Sedna is not going stop the primitive consciousness with access to big weapons from being very dangerous, or convince him to give up his weapons anytime soon.

But Pluto's square with Haumea and the trine with Sedna are going to play out together over the next four years as these three planets change signs. And through trial and error, and likely wider war, we will hopefully find a solution enabling our long term survival as a species, which is what Sedna wants.

In these years we will work out how to co-exist in this new world, which will involve a transformation in our inter-connectedness - Pluto in Aquarius - requiring a rebirth in our use of power - Haumea in Scorpio - and producing a transcendent spiritual consciousness crisis - Sedna in Gemini.

Sedna Scholarships

This interplay is also at play in our personal lives, and a good way of zeroing in on how this is happening, is to study them in our chart. I have Sedna course coming up which does just that. And since the scholarships I offered last newsletter were snapped up, I have 5 more Sedna Scholarships today. Grab this opportunity to get an early place on this popular course at an unbeatable price!

Introducing New Graduates

As you may know, we offer a Dwarf Planet astrology Diploma on completion of any 8 courses at the Uni, and I am proud to announce that our first students are graduating with the diploma this weekend. The Uni has Mars conjunct Eris in the 11th House, so we have a mission to transform the collective consciousness about the dwarf planets, and as part of that I will be introducing our students and their work in this newsletter.

Last Call: Eris & Orcus

And this is the last call for those interested in jumping into either Eris, or Orcus, there are still places on both these courses, so grab the opportunity to on board these new aspects of consciousness by studying them in your chart with a friendly international group of astrologers.

Join us if you can on the classes and thanks for your work incorporating these new aspects of consciousness into your life.

Love and laughter


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